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Spray Booms and Boomless Nozzles

Now is the time to start your spraying programme and in addition to a wide range of Sprayers, Enduraspray is also able to offer a number of options on spray booms and boomless nozzles which are compatible with their Spot Sprayers, Trailer Sprayers, Skid Mounted Sprayers and 3 Point Linkage Sprayers. Additionally our 12 volt 90 litre and 130 litre Push Along Sprayers also have the facility to attach an optional spray boom.

13180910 90 Litre Push Along Sprayer

Boomless Nozzles are ideal for use in areas where there maybe objects that need to be sprayed around but cannot be moved or rough country spraying and they can be fitted to any Sprayer with a minimum pump capacity of 7 litres per minute. They are available in 7 variants covering a swathe from 2 metres up to 17 metres dependent upon pump capacity and are specifically designed for use with our ATV, UTV or 3PL units.

151103 Silver Series Boomless Nozzle (3 metre coverage)

Our Silver Series Spray Booms consist of Deflector 140° Nozzle and Flat Fan 110° Nozzle Booms. The Deflector Booms are available in a standard 2 metre length and as folding booms in 3 metre and 4 metre lengths and are designed to be used with ATV Sprayers with a minimum pump capacity of 7.7 litres per minute. Deflector nozzles are fitted at a 1,000mm spacing. A separate ATV Mounting Kit is available as an optional extra. The Flat Fan Spray Boom is suitable for multiple applications and is available as either a 3 metre or 4 metre folding boom with spray nozzles located at 500 mm intervals. Again, an optional ATV Mounting Kit is available. To download a Nozzle Application Chart from our website click here.

152060 Silver Series Flat fan 110 Nozzle Spray Boom

Enduraspray’s Versatile Spray Boom with optional Mounting Kit sprays a swathe of approximately 4.5 metres and features a 1,300 mm compact boom which is compatible with any pump capacity of 6.8 litres per minute or more. Boom mounting brackets with U bolt clamps for fitting to a vehicle or trailer are supplied as an option. Three 110° Low Drift anti-drip Nozzles are fitted to the boom and each can be independently switched off. Metal boom guards are fitted for end nozzle protection.

151015 Versatile Boom

Finally, designed for smaller spraying jobs, our Budget Spray Boom and optional Mounting Kit can be fitted to our Push Along 90 and 130 litre Wheelbarrow sprayers and to the front or rear of any ATV rack. Comprising of 3 nozzle assemblies at 500 mm intervals and a total boom width of 1.2 metres, the outer nozzles can be independently turned off and the boom is height adjustable.

For more information or to talk with one of our experts call 01778 562810. To download the latest version of our catalogue click here or to order a printed copy on line visit our website.

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